Thursday, May 7, 2009

japan (part 1)...

J.A.P.A.N as i know....

its been ages since my last post... :) おまたせいたしました。。。(sorry to keep u waiting)
well, i guess there's nothing that i could do since i was really buzy during this first month in japan..
there were tons of thing that need to be settled, studies to catch up with, friends to make make up with and of course my empty house that need to be filled( = with furniture) of course!!

my first month here had been great and unexpectedly wonderful.the first month in Osaka (近大)
had left me with something that i could never forget...

great teachers
great university
great friends
and of course wonderful seniors

had made my life here....

one of my fav spot.. ;) (近大でございます)

                     juz love the block... ;) kinda unique i guess??

the kinki gurlz... ;p

the kinki kidszzz........... ;))

to be continued......

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