Sunday, January 17, 2010

im back... huhu

erm...its was like 6,7 monthes since i last updated this
blog..herm...huhu...bukanlah x nak update tetapi kekadang tu
kemalasan mengatasi segalanya..huhu.. i prefer to like `goro goro` in my futon (plus kotatsu)rather than to update this my lil blog..:D
erm...well what to say, its been like 10 ++ monthes ive been here in many experieces, things, happiness, sadness and bla.. bla.. that ive been through..huhu... and have to admit that experiences are what make the people...:)

and now im in the middle of my `study week` but since i havent started anything yet i`d rather to call it my `goro goro week`..huhu...
now nie tga wat sekkei ( machine design) nye sekkei syo which made me feel like $%&#!*.. tu la z..kan da kate wat awl2..suke betangguh..
serves me right..huhu...

act ive been browsing this one girl`s blog and made me remember ttg kewujudan blog ku tergeraklah tgn untuk menules mengupdateknnye..huhu

erm rasenye cukuplah sekadar ini sahaja sy mengupdatekan blog sy..huhu gotta continue my &!$#*?_`!# sekkei..huhu.. till the next post~~ muahkszzz...

dreaming of having this cute lil baby sumday..come, come here to mummy ^^

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